The Ramblings of a Supernothing

The Ramblings of A Supernothing

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I recently started using a Canon 60D for my job shooting real estate photography/video. I enjoy using it and it’s an excellent camera. But yesterday I decided to shoot some things that I wanted to shoot, just for fun. I put my old Minolta 50mm on my Canon T3 (1100D). The T3 was my first digital camera. My girlfriend Lauren gave it to me just last year. I love it and it was so much fun to shoot with it again.

I was surprised at what a great combination my grandpa’s lens and my little T3 make. Together they take some great quality images. Sure it’s not as high quality of an image and it doesn’t have all of the fancy features the 60D has, but it’s a very special camera for me. It has a lot of sentimental value. Especially when I couple it with my grandpa’s old Minolta lens. It just feels so good in my hands. All of the meaning behind these gifts, these opportunities, that were given to me. It just made me appreciate my love for photography and video. I have been working really hard for hours at a time shooting for my job, and I almost forgot how much fun it is to just shoot something I thought was interesting just for myself I put little Henrietta (yes I named my camera) in my bag and she’s going to stay there. And every time I need to step back and take a break from work, I’ll take her out and snap off a few shots. You have to take time to appreciate where you came from and what led you to where you are today.

I was so happy to receive my T3 as a gift from Lauren.¬†And even though I haven’t had it for very long, I have already grown so much using it. I am very thankful to have received such a great tool and to have a woman in my life who cares about my interests enough to foster and support them. Also I feel such a connection when I pair it with my grandpa’s Minolta lens. The first time I every really tried my hand at photography was with his Minolta X370 35mm film camera in my high school photography class. Those memories of my first photography experience and my grandfather together with the love and support of my girlfriend make this a very important object in my life. That little camera will never be obsolete to me and it will always have a special place in my heart.

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